EzeeFood navigates tough times with good food

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The need for accessible, reliable and importantly, tasty ready-to-eat meals is definitely a priority for every movers and shakers today.


Be it for travel junkies, top business executives, or even young families — ready-meals that encompass the criterias of being nutritious, travel-friendly and delicious are deemed convenient household and on-the-go must-have.

What are ready-to-eat meals in this modern day? For one, it certainly does not come in obscure tin cans like in the good old days.

Syed Food Industry has been leading the pack as the Bukhara Chicken Biryani connoisseur in the F&B business for the past four decades, which then paved ways to new channels that includes ready-to-eat (RTE) meal packs.

EzeeFood is a brainchild of Syed Food Industry Sdn Bhd — a household name in the F&B business league with their names etched in both local and international industries like the in-flight and hospital catering, education, construction, retail markets such as hyper/supermarkets and convenience stores, and E-commerce platforms.

The idea behind EzeeFood is to fill the gap in the market by offering a sense of home-cooked goodness that is ready in 3 mins or less.

Recently, EzeeFood became one of the leading brands in Malaysia that adapted the retort technology, which is essentially a type sterilization processing where packaged food enclosed in aluminium container or pouches treated under intense heat and pressure to kill harmful bacteria to ensure freshness and long shelf life.

EzeeFood RTE Retort packaging has a shelf-life of 24 months without preservatives that ensures the integrity of taste and texture of the ingredients.


With this, consumers only have to heat the meals in a microwave or stove top and this takes very little to no actual cooking. EzeeFood venture is also an imperative step towards curbing global food waste which constitutes about 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted every year globally.

In addition, Syed Food Industry has made a concerted effort to contribute these RTE meals towards the MCO food relief to feed more than 10,000 of those who are affected.

EzeeFood is well-portioned ( as stated in packaging) and its array of RTE Chill, Frozen and Retort varieties are respective to storage availability at each household too.

Till date, EzeeFood encompasses products that serve meat, poultry, legumes, rice, vegetables, cooking pastes and sauces, and even desserts. EzeeFood, like Syed Food Industry, shares the same sentiment of upholding quality over quantity when it comes to their products.

Speaking of international arenas, Syed Food Industry was also audited and approved by Hajj Ministry of Saudi Arabia to supply RTE and RTC products to the Kingdom.

They signed numerous supply contracts with Mo’asasat and Mutawwifs in Makkah for the supply of Hajj as well as Umrah meals for the year 2020 and beyond.

Within 12 months between 2019 and early 2020 since launching, EzeeFood Retort RTE has shown a staggering 100 times the revenue generated, which is impressive. In this period, EzeeFood RTE gained momentum from their captured market share via E-commerce sites in the likes of Lazada, Shopee, Alibaba and even Amazon.

Furthermore, the current Movement Control Order (MCO) implemented by the government to curb the COVID19 pandemic has reflected a spike in the sales of EzeeFood RTE, courtesy of its reliability and usability in times of crisis like this.

Syed Food Industry strives as game-changers in the F&B industry for decades and it is no surprise when EzeeFood rises as a turnkey solution for consumers like us, who just want tailored menu options that are quick, easy and delicious.

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