Parents happy but students remain cautious

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KUALA LUMPUR: Many parents applaud the government’s decision to allow students taking public exams to return to school on June 24.


They said the move would give ample time for their children to get back into the academic groove and prepare for examinations.

Lu Hui Na, 46, and another mother who wanted to be known only as Madam Chiam, 43, said they were eager to send their daughters back to school.

Both girls are sitting the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

Lu, a homemaker, said her daughter had been studying on her own at home since the Movement Control Order was imposed on March 18.

She said she hoped schools would continue to practise social distancing and prioritise students’ safety.

“I see the reopening as a good sign. My children’s health is my priority. I trust that the school has made all preparations.”

Chiam, a personal assistant in a company based here, said her family had made preparations for her daughter to return to school.

She said the reopening was the best decision for everyone.

“The number of new Covid-19 cases is decreasing daily and it’s a positive sign.

“I’m thankful to our government and school authorities for working hard to make sure that we are ready to send our children back to school,” said the mother of four.

Students expressed mixed emotions about returning after a three-month hiatus.


Muhammad Neil Harris Mohd Hadzra, 17, of MRSM Kuala Klawang, said while he was excited, he felt it would take time to adjust to the standard operating procedures (SOP).

“It will be awkward at first, but we have to adhere to the SOP and the new norms, which have changed how we interact with one another.”

Nurqamarina Mohd Nizam, 16, also of MRSM Kuala Klawang, said she was looking forward to returning to school. She is sitting the International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

“Aside from adapting to the SOP, we have to catch up with our studies. It will be tough, but we have to do it.

“Besides the face mask and hand sanitiser, I always have a hand soap in my bag, since the SOP encourages us to wash our hands regularly.”

Nur Aishah Mohamed Dinata, 17, said she believed the fewer number of students in school would help them focus better in class.

Muhammad Hanifah Syukri, 17, said it would not be easy to go back to school as students have had a long break

“I have to psych myself up for it. I’ve been in the comfort zone of my home for quite a while.

“But it is time we return to school. It will be a new experience for us. Some of us find it tough to cope with online learning and virtual classes.

“I hope we can take our gadgets to school as we have stored plenty of notes in them during our home-based learning sessions.

“The notes will help us cope with the syllabus better once we return to school.”


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