DAP will quit Harapan gov’t if UEC not recognised – Nga Kor Ming

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DAP will quit the Pakatan Harapan government if the latter refuses to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), said DAP deputy secretary-general Nga Kor Ming.

“We reached a consensus that DAP will withdraw from the government if UEC is not recognised.

“It doesn’t matter if we are no longer part of the ruling government. This is the principle we will uphold,” Nga (above) told Oriental Daily, with part of the interview footage uploaded online,

Harapan, and in particular DAP, was slammed by the Chinese community and Chinese-based parties for being slow in getting the government to recognise UEC, as stated in the Harapan manifesto for the 2018 general election.

DAP was also criticised for remaining silent on many issues, including the recognition of UEC.

“DAP is not silent after it becoming part of the government. (In fact) we are braver to speak out, now that we have the government channel and this can be seen in the cabinet meetings,” rebutted Nga.

Nga expressed regret that DAP’s and its Harapan allies’ accomplishments were neither recognised nor applauded by the public.

“We might have completed 70 percent of our tasks, but the people only see the incomplete 30 percent. The 70 percent completed jobs did not receive recognition,” he said.

On this, he said the ruling parties were partly to be blamed as they never publicised their achievements effectively.

He said Harapan did not receive single praise for institutionalising the allocations for Chinese primary schools and Chinese independent high schools.

“I hope the commentators and netizens are kind (to us) when commenting. You can comment, but (you need to) compare apples with apples.

“Compare things that weren’t here in the past 60 years (during) BN’s rule and what we have now. Don’t you want to recognise and praise (us) ?” said Nga, who is also the Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker.

“The Chinese community should stay together with us. Why? This is because we are on the same boat.

“You should not be complacent. If DAP sinks, PAS and Umno, which practice religious and racial extremism respectively, will return.

“When the two extremisms come together, Malaysia will be like playing with fire and the country will be doomed. The collusion of Umno and PAS is disastrous for the country,” he said.

He cautioned the Chinese community that the two opposition parties would be intent to play up the racial sentiment.

Citing the controversy surrounding the Chinese New Year decoration in SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong 1, Nga said there is a possibility that the Chinese cannot hang lanterns and give out ang pows in the future.

“It is significant for the Chinese community to be with the Harapan government. We don’t have to do much, just stick to the (principle of) pluralistic and moderation.

“Failing so, Malaysia will no longer be the Malaysia (that we live in),” Nga said.

“This is something everyone should be alert of. You should not perceive that MCA will return to the government when DAP is wiped out, as what will return are PAS and Umno.

“At the end, it is not a better future for the Chinese community, but a speechless ending,” he said. – Malaysiakini

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