Apple iOS update solves multitasking problem

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Apple’s latest iOS update addressed its over-enthusiasm for killing background apps, rendering the smartphone unable to multitask.


Its latest release, iOS 13.2.2, solves the prior update’s memory management which caused apps to quit unexpectedly.

Tech site Phone Area reported that the iOS 13.2 update was causing problems with multitasking.

For instance, moving from YouTube video to a phone call would cause the video to refresh and reset to the beginning when the user returned to YouTube.

The problem was also affecting Apple iPads that ran on iOS 13.2.


Apple promises that the 13.2.2 update will resolve these issues, as the newest update doesn’t appear to introduce new features.

Other bug fixes include solutions for glitches that cause the phone to briefly lose cellular connectivity after a call and certain encrypted emails to be unreadable.

iPhone users can find the update under Settings, then General, then Software Update. -The Star

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