Malaysian archer aims for the 3D archery pinnacle with full scale tournaments

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3D archery has quickly risen in popularity and is now a favourite outdoor activity for enthusiasts.


Meet Baharuddin Mohd Ali, a distinguished figure in Malaysia’s archery scene, renowned for organising premier archery events and revitalising the sport.

His journey into the sport started eight years ago when he organised a traditional archery competition in Negri Sembilan.

As news of his events spread organically, they began to attract barebow and compound archery enthusiasts.

Announcements of any of his 3D competitions on social media always met with rapid registration.
“My inaugural game was in 2015 when 3D archery was still in its early stage in Malaysia,” said Baharuddin.
In those early years, he used children’s toys as target animals.

However, with time, he transitioned to superior-quality targets imported from Italy, available at an archery pro shop in Malacca.

He began introducing his events to SRT Targets – a brand recognised and applauded in Europe.

“These SRT creatures are the gold standard in European 3D contests due to their unmatched quality. We’re proud to be early adopters of these in our matches,” he said.

Highlighting market demand, Baharuddin noted a rising interest from compound bow archers as the nation lacked events catering to them.

He explained, “While events are abundant for traditional and barebow archers, compound archers often find limited opportunities.”

To address this disparity, compound archers were seamlessly integrated into the general events.

Proudly boasting a collection exceeding 50 animal targets, Baharuddin is equipped to host a comprehensive 3D tournament featuring 24 distinct stations.

With targets ranging from a frog’s petite stature to a musk ox’s imposing size, his team meticulously crafts 3D courses that can be executed within a reasonable time frame.


“A standard 3D course, even of moderate complexity, can easily take an entire day,” he said.

In a conventional 3D setup, archers are divided into groups, each assigned specific target stations.

This involves trekking around 3km, aiming at targets at varied distances and heights.

Baharuddin added, “This dynamic setup deviates from typical target archery. The course demands both skill and endurance.”

Catering to both novices and seasoned archers, a standout in his event lineup is the “Extreme 3D Challenge” held annually in Negri Sembilan’s jungles.

“This challenging end-of-year event demands archers to navigate diverse terrains and altitudes,” he said.

Given the event’s rigorous nature, paramedics are always on standby. Archers confront a mix of uphill treks and challenging terrains, further intensified by unpredictable weather.

“Rain or shine tests both their skill and stamina,” he said, adding that game marshals often provide water to participants, acknowledging the environmental challenges.

With a bustling schedule, Baharuddin organises several 3D events yearly, meeting the growing enthusiasm of the archery community.

His dedication and impeccable organisation have now caught the attention of Malaysia’s National Archery Association.

With aspirations soaring high, Baharuddin dreams of hosting state and national-level games that rival international standards, particularly those in Europe and the United States.

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