New content code for media, advertisers and social influencers

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KUALA LUMPUR: A national Content Code for electronic media has been improved on eight key issues, among them the misuse of religion in advertising, rights of children and disabled people, and on reporting of suicide cases.


The Communications and Multimedia Content Forum (CMCF) said the code contains best practices, particularly on advertising.

The other issues dealt with are: the misuse of religion in advertising; prohibition against online abuse and gender-based violence; addressing counterfeit content and its impact on society; ensuring influencers and e-commerce players refer to advertising guidelines and ensuring paid advertisements are clearly disclosed by influencers and news outlets.

The Content Code is a set of guidelines outlining best practices and ethical standards for the creation and compilation of content. The changes provide a better understanding of what is meant by indecent, obscene, false, or threatening content.

An example is that of irresponsible and unethical sharing of news related to suicide cases, which will be considered ‘threatening’ as it raised the risk of further suicides.


CMCF executive director Mediha Mahmood said the revised code had been produced through feedback from the public.

CMCF chairman Kenny Ong said the eight key issues in the 2022 code reflect the passage of time and technological development while emphasising the importance of upholding the rights, safety and welfare of various segments of society including women, children, consumers and the disabled.

The 2022 Content Code can be found at