No show by Opposition reps as Dewan debates AG’s Report 2021

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KUALA LUMPUR: Seats in the Opposition bloc were empty as the Dewan Rakyat proceeded to debate the Auditor-General’s Report 2021 Series 2, that highlights irregularities during the Covid-19 pandemic.


William Leong (PH-Selayang) said it was unfortunate that not one Opposition MP was present to participate in the debate on the audit report in order to improve accountability in the country.

Syahredzan Johan (PH-Bangi) then interjected and said that he was shocked to find that none of the Opposition MPs were around.

“I am not sure if they are out for lunch or not, but Selayang agrees, when we debate the audit report, it is a form of parliamentary reform.

“As an MP, we should welcome such a move to raise various issues and support this move and not take so much time to eat lunch,” he said in the Dewan Rakyat today (June 6).

Tan Kar Hing (PH-Gopeng) also agreed, saying that it was strange that the Opposition MPs were not around.

“I would like to record officially that none of the Opposition MPs are around during the debate of the audit report as of 2.47pm.

“All the seats are empty, for me this is historical in itself,” he said.

“This is because the government allows the report to be debated but not one Opposition MP wants to debate it,” he said.

Mohd Sany Hamzan (PH-Hulu Langat) asked whether the Opposition MPs refused to participate.

“What we want to debate is the financial problems faced by the country, this is the audit report, but none of them dares to debate with us on the report,” he said.


Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman (Muda-Muar) said that he felt “weird” seeing the Opposition bloc empty.

“Honestly, after reviewing the audit report, there is also a lot of praise contained in the report.

“There are also weaknesses that can be improved but at the same time, there were also good things that were mentioned,” he said, citing an example of the success of the distribution of vaccines under the national vaccination programme.

“I raise this issue because the audit report is based on facts and data done by civil servants and not influenced by any political parties.

“So, Parliament is the best platform to debate the good and bad, the weaknesses and improvements or the good practices that can be continued.

“If the Opposition MPs are here, they can share their success stories too.

“At the same time, they can highlight which ones need to be improved so the government will not repeat it.

“But there is no check and balance now,” said Syed Saddiq.

Earlier, Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Johari Abdul allowed the audit report to be debated in Parliament.

– The Star

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