Seized lorries: Transport companies need to settle with court, says JPJ

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PUTRAJAYA: The case of lorries reported to have been impounded by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) for carrying excessive loads falls under the jurisdiction of the court, the department said on Monday (Sept 18).


JPJ said the transportation companies involved must resolve the matter with the relevant court based on the procedures outlined in Section 57 and Section 80 of the Land Public Transport Act 2010 (Act 715).

Referring to the report titled ‘Pemandu terus buntu, JPJ masih sita lori walau kompaun sudah dibayar’ (Drivers remain stuck, JPJ still seizes lorries even though compounds have been paid), JPJ said: “The decision on this matter is subject to the jurisdiction of the court.”

According to the report, a group of lorry drivers are at an impasse after their trucks have not been released from JPJ’s seizure for the past nine months, leading to a loss of income.

Most of the lorry drivers involved claimed they had already paid the fines for the offence.

JPJ said it took stringent measures to impound the heavy vehicles as they were found carrying more than 70 to 140 per cent of the permissible load.


It stressed that heavy vehicles licenced to carry a load must not exceed the weight limit according to the technical capacity set.

“Heavy vehicles carrying excessive or hazardous loads are at risk of fatal accidents due to brake and technical failures, as well as causing road damage, which often leads to accidents involving other vehicles,” it said.

JPJ said it would not compromise on enforcing road traffic laws to reduce the risk of accidents and the loss of life to other road users.


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