The people too can draw from RM500mil govt fund to fix amenities, says Rafizi

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PUTRAJAYA: The government has set up a RM500mil fund to kick off the People’s Facilities Initiative under which the public as well as government agencies may apply for funds to buy, fix or maintain amenities, says Economy Minister Mohd Rafizi Ramli.


Rafizi launched the fund on Tuesday (June 20) after hosting a town hall meeting on the 12th Malaysia Plan here to obtain feedback on the people’s needs in the Federal Territories of Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur and Labuan.

He said the applications, which would be vetted by a committee within his ministry, would have a cap of RM200,000 per project.

“They must involve public facilities or amenities. If every effort has been made to buy it or fix it, but it remains (unresolved), the public can apply on this site and it must be a project which can be completed within two to three months – not a long-term one.

“The allocation, once approved, will be passed on to the agency in charge such as the (relevant) local authority to carry out the project. This way, small contractors can also be helped,” said Rafizi.

He said local authorities and government agencies had limited budgets and so this fund would serve as an additional allocation from which they could draw.

Rafizi also promised transparency in its management as all approvals would have to go through the committee.

“We are now allowing the public to tell us where to spend the money.


“You apply and tell me where it should be spent.

“I will not involve myself in the process of approval. Everything will be much faster now.

“The bureaucratic process will be shortened and I think this (utilisation of funds) will be more transparent than before,” he added.

Prior to this, Rafizi had announced that the public would be able to apply for small allocations from the government to fix potholes, for example.

Applications can be made through

– The Star

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