Adobe will charge less than OpenAI for image generation tool

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Adobe Inc unveiled pricing for its new generative artificial intelligence imaging tool, Firefly, which will cost less than OpenAI’s competitor service.


Subscribers to Adobe’s creative software will have an allocated number of image generations included in their plans. To produce more images without delay, they will have to pay about 5 cents per creation.

That’s cheaper than OpenAI’s image-generating system Dall-E, which gained viral success late last year, and charges about 13 cents per credit on the web. It’s more expensive than Stability AI, which costs about a cent per generation.


The highest-tier Adobe subscription will include 3,000 image generations per month. Firefly is available in programs including Photoshop, Illustrator and Express as well as in a standalone website. The AI tool can be used for free to produce 25 images per month.

Adobe, the longtime top seller of software for creative professionals, figures that integrating AI into its well-used products will give it an advantage over the tools developed by startups. It has also branded the AI offering as “commercially safe,” saying it will back up customers who face copyright claims in court.
– Bloomberg

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