Anwar, Pakatan enjoy 70% positive perception from Selangor voters, says survey

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SHAH ALAM: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership and Pakatan Harapan received more than 70% positive perception among Selangor voters, according to a survey conducted by Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE).


Prof Datuk Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman, who is the chairman of the think-tank under the Selangor government said its survey found the Prime Minister’s leadership received 73.4% positive perception by Selangor voters.

The survey also found that Pakatan and Barisan Nasional were expected to receive a total of 74% of support from Selangor voters in the upcoming state elections if their supporters support each other’s candidates.

Some 26.3% of the respondents in Selangor believed that the Prime Minister was capable of bringing the Malaysia Madani concept and the country to greater heights, while 16.9% of respondents believed that he was capable of uniting the various races.

A total of 16.1% of respondents believed that Anwar was capable of combating corruption and abuse of power while another 14.1% of respondents stated that the Prime Minister was capable of addressing the issues involving the rising cost of living.

The survey was conducted between May 12 and 15, involving some 1,693 registered respondents across 56 voting districts in the state.

Elaborating on the findings, Mohammad Redzuan said that Anwar’s popularity had improved especially among the youth following his various engagements in Selangor especially in the local universities.


“The advantage is Selangor is near Putrajaya, so Anwar can hold more programmes here compared to other states,” he said.

The survey also found that 74.1% of Selangor voters have a positive perception towards Pakatan.

Perikatan Nasional however only received 40.5% positive perception from Selangor voters, according to the survey.

Polling day for the state assembly elections for Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu has been set for Aug 12.

Nomination Day for all candidates for the upcoming elections has been set on July 29, while early voting is on Aug 8.

– The Star

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