Empowering health through dietetics

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IN today’s fast-paced world, where the importance of a healthy lifestyle is more evident than ever, dietitians play a crucial role.


Their expertise in nutrition and dietetics allows them to provide guidance and support to individuals and communities.

Vital role of dieticians

One of a dietician’s primary responsibilities is to assess and analyse individuals’ dietary habits and nutritional needs, working closely with patients or clients to create personalised nutrition plans that address specific health concerns or conditions, such as diabetes, obesity or food allergies.

Dietitians help improve one’s overall health, preventing or managing nutrition-related diseases by tailoring dietary recommendations to individual needs.

The University of Cyberjaya (UoC) is committed to enhancing public health by producing highly skilled and knowledgeable dietetic graduates.

The Bachelor of Dietetics programme aims to empower students with the knowledge and practical skills required to become proficient dietitians, positively impacting the health and well-being of communities.

Dr Hanisah Rosli, a dedicated Dietetics lecturer at the university, echoes this commitment to public health through dietetics education, stating: “Our mission is to cultivate capable dietetic professionals who can make a genuine difference in people’s lives through proper nutrition.”

Dr Hanisah further stated that their efforts in producing highly trained graduates contribute to the betterment of communities and promote a society that places value on the importance of nutrition.

Career opportunities

Moreover, a degree in Dietetics opens doors to various career opportunities.

Clinical dietitian graduates may find work in hospitals or healthcare facilities, where their primary responsibility is to assess and develop personalised nutrition plans for patients with specific medical conditions, directly impacting an individual’s health and recovery.

Alternatively, for those interested in the intersection of nutrition and athleticism, becoming a sports nutritionist can be incredibly fulfilling.


Sports nutritionists will collaborate with athletes and sports teams to optimise their performance through tailored nutrition plans, helping them reach their peak potential.

A degree in dietetics is versatile, offering numerous career prospects, including opportunities in the food service industry, marketing, teaching and research.

At UoC, students learn by doing. Hence the programme includes practical training and internship opportunities for students to work alongside experienced professionals and gain real-world experience.

Latest facilities and scholarships

The campus is equipped with modern laboratories and facilities to support student learning and research activities.

Students will have access to the latest technology and resources to enhance their education.

The Food Preparation Lab at the University of Cyberjaya is well-equipped for students to gain practical skills in food preparation, cooking techniques and recipe development.

Furthermore, UoC boasts cutting-edge equipment, including Anthropometric Equipment, aiding students in their studies by accurately measuring and assessing various anthropometric parameters, such as height, weight and body composition.

The university recognises that pursuing higher education can be financially challenging, and is committed to making quality education accessible to all.

UoC now offers a 50% scholarship on tuition fees for the October intake of the Bachelor of Dietetics programme.

This incredible opportunity not only makes your dream of becoming a dietitian more affordable but also allows you to focus on what matters most – your education and future career.

Invest in your future to promote health and prevent nutrition-related diseases.

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