Food unites Malaysians

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JOHOR BAHRU, Oct 10 — Nasi lemak, capati and yong tau foo are among the variety of favourite food among Malaysia´s multi-racial society that also brings them together as food can unite the people.


Such a sight, of Malaysia´s multi-racial society sharing a table and enjoying their favourite food can also be seen at Hua Mui Restaurant on Jalan Trus here.

The restaurant, which has been in operation for more than 70 years since its opening in 1946, is not only a popular joint among locals, but is also patronised by foreign tourists for its variety of Malaysian food.

Restaurant owner, David Chiang, 65, who inherited the business from his father, said the restaurant serves a variety of beverages and food, but most of his regular customers frequented the place for its coffee, Hainanese Chicken Chop, Hua Mui Mee, Hainanese Coffee and Butter Rich Toast.

In an interview with Bernama here, Chiang said his customers, who are from various races, include the children and grandchildren of his father´s regular customers.

“They come to the restaurant not just for the food, but also for the nostalgic atmosphere and our signature dish, the Hainanese Chicken Chop and toast, which is also requested by the Sultan of Johor whenever he comes to the shop.

“My restaurant is patronised by people of various races, sitting together at a table. It´s a picture of a harmonious multi-cultural society, ” he added.

The restaurant opens from 8.30 am to 9 pm.


A customer, Aisah Ghazali, 26, who works in Kuala Lumpur, said she never missed coming to Hua Mui Restaurant whenever she came down to Johor.

“It´s a must for my friends and I because of the food here. It´s also for the unique atmosphere, it´s where you get to befriend people of all races. There´s no need to strike up a long conversation, but a ´hi´ or a smile suffices to give that feeling of harmony, that we are Malaysians, ” she added.

Another restaurant owner, Nor Shahrizan Zainal, 37, of Restoran Zainal Place, said the favorite dish at his place is the “mee rebus “.

“It is one dish, where you have the Malay, Chinese or Indian asking for it. Mee rebus is not a favourite of only a certain race, ” he said, adding that the mee rebus at his restaurant is served with fresh seafood.

One of the regulars at the restaurant is businesswoman Jane Teoh, 40, who said Malaysians should appreciate the diversity and differences found in the country.

“I´m a regular here. The place is pleasant, very harmonious, with people of all races eating together in harmony, ” she added.– BERNAMA

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