For screen-based work, this app can help preserve your eyes (and your well-being)

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Digital tools are indispensable in the professional world. But their use is not without consequences for our physical health, and particularly our eyes. However, there are solutions for improving visual comfort on a daily basis, such as the browser extension.


This browser extension, available for Chrome, Opera and Edge, uses facial recognition to combat the effects of hyperconnectivity. It connects to your computer’s webcam to detect whether you’re showing symptoms that suggest you’re prone to digital eye strain, or stress. claims to measure your heart rate and respiratory rate, as well as whether your forehead or dark circles are changing color as a result of exposure to a screen.

If this is the case, the application can help you avoid the discomforts of working on a computer. For example, it might invite you to take a break and do some stretching or short breathing and/or meditation exercises. It can also adjust the intensity and contrast of your screen to optimize your reading comfort, or modify your computer’s color palette to find the shades that suit you best. users can track their progress and make sure they’re using their computer wisely. Digital technology is not intrinsically bad for your health. It can, however, become harmful if users adopt certain risky behaviours. In fact, many employees feel the need to be hyperconnected for fear of missing an important email or a vital piece of information on the company’s chosen instant messaging service.

But this hyperconnectivity rarely does people any favors, as it takes a heavy toll on concentration, memory, cognitive abilities and well-being. It can even become a hindrance to your career, when it becomes compulsive.


Some professionals might be tempted to cut themselves off from screens to avoid the pathologies directly caused by their excessive use, but this solution is not always feasible given the widespread use of digital tools in the working world. That’s why it’s advisable to try to self-regulate by adopting good habits that will mitigate the potential side effects of digital work.

– AFP Relaxnews

– TheStar

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