Fun kid-friendly attractions in Malaysia to bring the young ones

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The final break for the 2023 school year will begin in a few weeks, which means that it’s time for some holiday fun! But, let’s admit it, if you’re a parent with small children, it can be headache-inducing trying to plan a family fun time with everyone.


Maybe the kids are getting a tad bored of the usual attractions like amusement parks. If you have the means to do so, why not travel beyond the state borders and embark on a road trip (or catch a plane in some instances) to visit these interesting kid-friendly attractions across the nation?

3D Art Langkawi, Kedah

Kids are experts at taking funny photos, even when all you ask them to do is “smile nicely” for the camera. Why not play to their strength and let them channel all that “creativity” into striking funny poses at this 3D art museum in Langkawi?

Such museums aren’t exactly a rarity in the Klang Valley, but what makes 3D Art Langkawi stand out is the fact that it is officially listed in The Malaysia Book Of Records as the largest 3D interactive art museum in the country.

Also known as Art In Paradise, the 1,951sq m museum boasts nine themed zones with more than 200 artwork and murals featuring mind-bending optical illusion.

Plus, its convenient location within the Oriental Village Langkawi – situated in the foothills of Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park – means that other than the museum, your kids can also enjoy other attractions such as the petting zoo Machinchang Petland, the 3D adventure ride SkyRex and, of course, the famous SkyBridge.

Borneo Ant House, Sabah

Your kids may be feeling antsy from staying home too long; time to take them somewhere as far out of the house as possible. To still keep it within the country, where better than Sabah?

In fact, don’t just take them to The Land Below The Wind, take them all the way to below the ground. By that we mean visit the Borneo Ant House in Tuaran, just about an hour’s drive from Kota Kinabalu city.

Having entered The Malaysia Book Of Records for being the country’s first underground ant sculpture gallery and displaying the biggest ant sculpture, this unique attraction will have your kids – provided they aren’t sufferers of myrmecophobia (fear of ants) – gawking bug-eyed at everything.

They can have plenty of fun taking photos with the 1.36m-tall ants that dwarf the visitors while also learning about Bornean culture and history at this educational theme park, which comprises a mini museum. Once you’ve resurfaced, there are other attractions at the theme park to explore such as the Bajau and Dusun traditional houses, zipline and canopy walk.

Paradesa Borneo, Sarawak

For those who have never explored Sarawak, here’s a fun way you can do so with your kids: bike tours.

While more of a local tour operator than an attraction per se, the Kuching-based Paradesa Borneo is worth a look into as it does offer a wide range of activities that will keep your kids moving and learning at the same time.

Its Heritage Tour (which welcomes children as young as one year old) will take you and your family cycling through designated paths that weave along the capital city of Kuching, and rural villages. Take a traditional sampan and delight in local delicacies; these activities and the exploration of heritage zones will let your kids release their pent-up energy while broadening their minds.

Various bike tours are offered, alongside walking tours, jungle trekking, river expeditions, diving, caving and many more – some of these even cross over the Sabah border.


You can additionally customise an itinerary that best fits your family’s adventure level.

99 Wonderland Park, Kuala Lumpur

If you’re coming to the Klang Valley during the holidays but don’t really want to go to the popular attractions, fret not as there are other spots you and your little ones can have fun, like the 99 Wonderland Park.

You can even choose to spend the whole day at this park in Selayang, as it operates from 9am until midnight during school holidays! Considering the number of attractions and activities offered, you just might end up doing so.

The park is open daily, and you can simply walk in to purchase your tickets. Do note that there are different price points for different timings.

From the Dinosaur Park and Zodiac Zone to the Tapir Malaya with Jacuzzi and LED Eiffel Tower, this urban recreational park features more than 30 attractions that will not only keep your children entertained but also offer plenty of fun family photo opportunities.

There are various animals to get acquainted with as well, from ducks and birds to more exotic ones like capybaras, tapirs and mongooses. As birds mostly roam free here, don’t be surprised to suddenly have your family photos photobombed by an ostrich.

Wonderfood Museum, Penang

Anyone with little foodies (and are big foodies themselves) would appreciate a trip to this fun museum. As its name dictates, Wonderfood Museum is a unique place that uses food to both entertain and educate.

Located in Penang’s capital city George Town, the museum draws from Malaysia’s multicultural tapestry to serve sumptuous displays of gigantic foods and fun dioramas of people enjoying the many cuisines that our country has to offer.

Have fun taking photos of and with the oversized dishes, while simultaneously learning of their history and heritage.

The museum also raises awareness on food waste, reminding visitors to be grateful of what they have and to not have eyes bigger than their stomach.

Of course, with Penang being a food heaven, it’d be a crime to set foot there without going on a food hunt.

If you’re uncertain of where to go or where to even begin, that visit to the museum would prove useful as it has a map with places of recommendation for the best local dishes to try in the state.

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