HK star Tony Leung will be in Malaysia on Dec 22 to promote new film ‘The Goldfinger’

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Hong Kong actor Tony Leung will be in Malaysia on Dec 22 to promote his latest movie The Goldfinger.


He will be here along with director-writer Felix Chong and producer Ronald Wong for a press conference and a gala premiere.

The premiere is set to be held at the newly launched mall, The Exchange TRX, which houses the latest GSC’s cinema that offers “the largest ultra-luxurious entertainment experience in Southeast Asia”.

Fans can catch a glimpse of the three celebrities when they put in an appearance at the mall on Dec 22, at 8pm.

Leung – who recently made history by being the first Chinese actor to receive the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Venice Film Festival – is starring alongside actor Andy Lau in the film.

This marks the stars’ reunion in a flick together after the successful film Infernal Affairs, 21 years ago.


In a press release from the movie distributor GSC Movies, the company quoted director Chong stating this in an interview: “Tony Leung and Andy Lau’s performance is similar to yin and yang, different in methods and deliveries, but compliments each other to create the best chemistry.”

The Goldfinger is set for release in Malaysia on Dec 30. Other cast members include Charlene Choi, Simon Yam, Alex Fong, Philip Keung, Chin Ka Lok, Carlos Chan, Catherine Chau, Michael Ning and Tai Bo.

Here’s the official synopsis for the movie, which is based on a real-life financial fraud that happened in Hong Kong in the 1980s.

“It tells the story of the rise and bust of a giant conglomerate Carmen Enterprises, following the travails of its chairman Ching Yat Yin (Tony Leung) through 15 years of investigations by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) headed by Senior Principal Investigator Lau Kai Yuen (Andy Lau) as murders are committed, billions in market value evaporate and millions are spent on litigation fees.”

– TheStar

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