How AI could help you walk more quickly

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A new device that attaches to the bottom of shoes recently launched in the United States. It enables users to move up to three times faster than usual, all while continuing to walk normally. To achieve this, the device uses a machine learning system that adapts to each user.


The American startup Shift Robotics is launching what it calls the world’s fastest shoes. They are, in fact, a brand-new electric mobility device, that attach to the bottom of your regular shoes. They enable you to walk around 2.5 times faster than your usual pace, reaching speeds of up to 11 km/h with no extra effort.

Despite the presence of small wheels, these are not skates. Here, it’s not a question of skating along, but of continuing to walk normally, all while moving forward much more quickly.

To achieve this, the device features a small motor directly controlled by algorithms. Over time, thanks to an intelligent learning system, the two entities, which can communicate with each other to adapt their pace, adapt to your walking style to optimize your speed, without the risk of falling.


There’s no need to learn a new walking technique, you simply let yourself be carried by the boost, a bit like walking on a moving walkway. While the speed gain is impressive, battery life is somewhat limited. Don’t expect to cover more than 10 km per charge.

Compact and lightweight, these “Moonwalkers” can fit in a backpack and be taken along anywhere. They can even be kept on the feet, in locked mode, for climbing stairs, taking the elevator or riding the subway.

For the moment, this device is only available in the United States, for US$1,399. In short, this solution could prove safer and more practical than a traditional bicycle or electric scooter.
More and more startups are coming up with inventive ways to help us get around town faster. This is the case, for example, of the French startup E-Line that will soon be marketing a form of electric urban skis – which also attach to shoes – enabling you to glide along at speeds of up to 25 km/h over concrete, grass or even wet sand.
-AFP Relaxnews

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