In the future, device batteries might not need recharging

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A Chinese company has presented a revolutionary miniature atomic energy battery that could potentially produce energy stably and autonomously for around 50 years, without any maintenance whatsoever. Should this technology be developed further, it could do away with the need to recharge electric devices ever again.


Betavolt Technology has developed a miniature atomic energy battery. It works on the principle of using the energy released by the decay of nuclear isotopes from thin sheets of nickel 63 (2 micrometers thick) and converting it into electrical energy using semiconductors, in this case diamond.

Usually, this type of battery is relatively large and expensive. Here, the idea is to miniaturise the technology to reduce both size and cost.

The first model unveiled, a coin-sized battery module, measures 15x15x5 mm. On its own, it could equip various kinds of sensors or even small drones. Modular, this technology could theoretically be adapted to any type of device, offering up to 50 years of guaranteed operating time.

This may seem absurd for a computer or a smartphone, but in practice, it would mean that these devices would never need to be recharged. Beyond everyday devices, these nuclear batteries could initially be used to meet professional needs in the aerospace, medical and robotics sectors.


In absolute terms, nuclear batteries could revolutionise industry, thanks in particular to the use of a new generation of diamond semiconductors. Betavolt Technology reports that it has entered a pilot phase, with the first production phase scheduled for 2025. If this technology were to become widely available, it could do away with the need to recharge electrical devices – a real revolution!

– AFP Relaxnews

– TheStar

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