Lack of active safety features like ABS may cost lives, says Dr Wee

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PETALING JAYA: All cars should come with active safety features, especially those with light bodies and small wheels, says Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong, adding that it could ultimately cost some people their lives.


The former transport minister said there had been instances of light vehicles that did not have an anti-lock braking system (ABS), for example, that went out of control under emergency braking situations, especially on wet roads.

“There have been accidents where victims complained that their steering is out of control, and the cause of it was that the front brake had locked,” he said in a Facebook post on Monday (June 19).

He was commenting on Perodua’s announcement of its low-cost Axia E model, which would cost just RM22,000 but would not be equipped with active safety features like ABS and electronic stability control (ESC).

“When a driver loses control (of his vehicle) due to lack of ABS, it will not only affect the driver but also other road users, including pedestrians and motorcyclists,” said Dr Wee.

He also said adding ABS and ESC would add a mere RM2,000 to the cost of the car.

“The monthly instalment for a RM22,000 car with a seven-years loan is RM326 per month,” he said.


He added that an additional RM2,000 to the cost would increase the monthly instalment by RM30 to RM356, which is just RM1 a day.

“Isn’t an additional RM1 daily worth the price if it is safer for the driver?” he asked.

“I support any companies or manufacturers that offer low car prices.

“However, please do not put the lives of Malaysians at risk as a compromise to a lower price tag,” said Dr Wee.

– The Star

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