Malaysia hits 90 per cent adult vaccination target

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KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 21,073,482 individuals or 90 per cent of the adult population in the country have completed their Covid-19 vaccination as of yesterday.


The Health Ministry’s CovidNow site reported that 22,185,520 individuals have received at least the first dose of the vaccine.

It said that 5.2 per cent or 1,224,080 individuals over 18-years-old in the country have yet to receive the Covid-19 jabs.

Yesterday, a total of 129,518 doses of the vaccine were administered nationwide where 31,932 people received their first dose and 97,586 received their second dose.

A total of 45,650,714 doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered since the Covid-19 National Immunisation Programme (NIP) was rolled out on Feb 24.

The Health Ministry had projected 80 per cent of the population (26,125,920 people) will be fully vaccinated by Nov 16.

As for adolescents aged 12 to 17, a total 231,714 or 7.4 per cent of the age group have been fully inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Under the programme, 64.8 per cent (2,040,144) of adolescents have received their first vaccine jab while 27.8 per cent (875,642) have yet to receive any vaccine doses.

The NIP for adolescents is estimated to reach 80 per cent of fully inoculated individuals by Nov 4.

It is projected that Malaysia will achieve an 80 per cent fully vaccinated population involving both adults and adolescents by Nov 23.

On Covid-19 fatalities, Malaysia recorded another 64 Covid-19 deaths as of 11.59pm yesterday, taking the national toll to 27,329.


The CovidNow site reported 14 were brought-in-dead (BID) cases before medical assistance could be given. BID cumulative cases now stands at 5,514.

For the past two-weeks, 3.8 deaths were recorded per 100,000 people due to Covid-19.

Perlis recorded the highest number of deaths per 100,000 people in the past 14 days at 10.2 followed by Penang (8.1) and Sarawak (5.8).

Of the 1,229 deaths reported in the past two-weeks, 66.6 per cent or 616 patients were unvaccinated, 13.8 per cent (169) were partially vaccinated and 36.1 per cent (444) were fully vaccinated.

In terms of age, 65.6 per cent or 818 patients were 60-years-old and above; 391 were 18 to 59 years-old (33.4 per cent); four were 12 to 17 years-old (0.3 per cent) and eight patients or 0.7 per cent were 0 to 11-years-old.

Active cases in Malaysia now stood at 116,596 after 7,373 new cases, while 10,959 recoveries were reported yesterday.

Of the active cases, 92,513 (79.3 per cent) were under home quarantine, 15,578 cases (13.4 per cent) were at the Covid-19 quarantine and treatment centre; 7,746 cases (6.6 per cent) received treatment at hospitals, and the remaining 351 cases (0.3 per cent) were at intensive care units (ICU).

On the 847 patients receiving treatment at the ICU, 408 or 0.3 per cent of them were ventilated.

The nationwide ICU utilisation rate is at 61.6 per cent, ventilator utilisation rate at 42.5 per cent and hospitalisation rate at 67.7 per cent.-NST