Man fined RM3,000 for breaking into comedian’s house in Rembau

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REMBAU: A 31-year-old man was fined RM3,000 in default 10 months jail after he pleaded guilty at the Magistrate’s court here to a charge of criminal trespass by entering into the house of local celebrity Ahmad Nabil Ahmad.


Fadzril Aqmal Abdul Hanif did not contest the charge after it was read to him before Magistrate Kartini Kasran.

The accused was charged with committing the offence at around 7.50pm on Jan 4 last year.

He broke into the house of the 40-year-old comedian and radio deejay at Kg Senama Tengah near here without his knowledge or permission.

Fadzril Aqmal was charged under Section 442 of the Penal Code, which is punishable under Section 448 of the same legislation.

Offenders can be jailed up to three years or fined up to RM5,000 or both upon conviction.

Muhammad Amirul Noor Hashimi prosecuted while the accused was unrepresented.


According to the facts of the case, Ahmad Nabil had called his brother after being told that the door to his house was open and the lights switched on.

When his younger brother arrived, he saw the front grille forcefully opened and parts of the house ransacked.

He then found a pair of track pants, shirt, shoes and identity card belonging to the accused in the house.

However, no valuables were stolen from the unit.

A neighbour later revealed that he saw the accused near the house but did not suspect anything thinking that he was a relative.


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