Perhilitan probing viral video of ‘tiger’ roaring near Kluang housing area

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KLUANG: The Johor Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) is investigating claims that a tiger is roaming near Taman Seri Impian here following a viral video claiming to have caught the sound of its roar.


State Perhilitan director Aminuddin Jamin confirmed that it was investigating claims made in the 33-second clip.

He added that the department received a public complaint about the presence of a wild animal, thought to be a tiger, at Taman Seri Impian on Monday (Dec 11).

“So far, the early investigation on the ground has found no physical signs of a tiger’s presence.

“However, Perhilitan is still investigating and monitoring the area to make sure there is no tiger or any other wildlife there,” he said when contacted on Wednesday (Dec 13).


Aminuddin also said Taman Seri Impian, which is located within Kluang town, was about 10km from the nearest forest.

“Based on our data, there is no record of a tiger in that forest and the position as claimed is far from its known natural habitat,” he added.

In the clip, a roar believed to be that of a tiger can be heard. However, the video does not show the animal that made the sound.

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