Presenting the jewels of Korea’s sea

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WHEN it comes to quality seafood, particularly Korean and seafood products, you know you are in good hands when you see the K•FISH endorsement.


Established by the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives (Suhyup), K•FISH is a national Korean fishery exports brand denoting safe and high quality fishery products that have passed the strict evaluation standards set by the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF).

An icon in the seafood products industry, K•FISH is well known worldwide as a premium seafood brand much loved by seafood lovers, something that Suhyup has worked hard to establish over the years.

As a result, the K•FISH brand has become synonymous with quality products that people can buy and consume without worry.

Suhyup itself is a cooperative established in collaboration with the South Korean government to improve the lives of Korean villagers and fishermen through various initiatives, which include connecting their products to the world in terms of marketing and distribution, as well as sourcing for local suppliers in various countries. This is done by linking local companies to Korean companies to facilitate the supply of Korean seafood products into local markets.


To date, Suhyup has established its presence in 10 countries through the Suhyup Trade Support Centre, including in Malaysia.

The role of each Suhyup Trade Support Centre is to ease penetration of Korean seafood products into the local market by handling the marketing and production for new products and providing support for local distributors selling Korean seafood products.

This is done by leveraging the strength of K•FISH’s global brand name, which is used to identify premium Korean seafood products for seafood lovers.

In addition to local distributors, K•FISH also has its anchor shop outlets featuring premium Korean seafood products in Kuala Lumpur as well as up north in Penang.

The Korea Seafood Global Week (KGW) is a project initiated by Suhyup and supported by the Korean government to promote Korean seafood to local markets and distributors.

This global event is an avenue for promoting Korean seafood products to the local market and is held as part of efforts to increase awareness or Korean seafood and seafood products.

As part of this project, Suhyup KL Trade Support Centre is supporting Malaysian-based Korean seafood distributors at the Import Food Fair held at selected Aeon outlets in Kuala Lumpur, including Bandar Utama, Bandar Puchong, Metro Prima and Bukit Tinggi (Nov 14 to Dec 6), Taman Maluri (Nov 21 to Dec 6) and Mid Valley (Nov 28 to Dec 4).

Other Import Food Fair locations are Aeon outlets in Seremban 2 (Nov 11 to Dec 6), Queensbay Mall Penang (Nov 14 to Dec 6), Bandaraya Melaka (Nov 14 to Dec 6) and Ipoh Station 18 (Nov 14 – Dec 6), as well as Bukit Indah in Johor.


For this, the Suhyup KL Trade Support Centre collaborating with local distributors and importers to expand the market and increase accessibility to customers. Two main local distributors involved are KMT Jaya and Nguan Seng (1990).

At the Import Food Fair during KGW, customers get the chance to personally see and experience a variety of trendy, new Korean products.

As part of this event, K•FISH anchor shops will also be present at the fair, so that visitors can enjoy free samples and discover new seafood products.

A newly launched product in Malaysia is eomuk (Korean fish cake) in stick form – a popular street food in Korea. This can be found in Aeon stores and will be featured during the food fair. This eomuk stick is commonly used in steamboat and can be enjoyed by everyone.

At the food fair, there will be a variety of eomuk products in various forms as well as related products, such as Suhyup Eomuk with Tteok-bokki (rice cake) and eomuk soup. The ready-made Suhyup Eomuk with Tteok-bokki uses eomuk as its main ingredient in addition to the rice cake and the flavour is different from the usual topokki.

Some other seafood products to look out for include the first K•FISH certified product introduced to Malaysia – a seaweed snack in cube form that can be eaten on its own or used as a healthier alternative to croutons in salads. This delightful snack comes in cranberry, original and cheese flavours and contains a mix of premium nuts.

There are also mackerel snacks in soy sauce and spicy flavours. This healthy snack is grilled and coated with flavouring.

Go-Zzang mackerel snack, meanwhile, is a dried mackerel snack with a rich taste that has garnered good feedback for Malaysian consumers.

Another healthy snack is the Deli-Hwang polluck fish snack made from 100% fish fillet. It is high in calcium and protein and is good for the young and old alike.

Aside from these snacks, there are also ready-to-eat side dishes with anchovies, shrimp, polluck and seaweed that you can just mix and serve up to complete your Korean meal.

All these premium products are specialised Korean seafood products that contain 100% seafood, so you are assured of its taste and quality.

This is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with Korean seafood products and to taste their quality and flavour. Do drop by the Import Food Fair at Aeon and check out the range of products from the clean, sparkling waters of Korea right on our local shore. -The Star

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