Star adviser Wong to represent Malaysia at international media summit in China

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KUALA LUMPUR: Prominent journalist Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai will represent Malaysia to speak at the World Media Summit to be held in Guangzhou and Kunming, China, beginning Dec 1.


The Star Media Group adviser and Bernama chairman will join participants from over 200 media outlets worldwide as well as government officials, and representatives of international organisations.

He will speak at a session on “Seeking Growth – Media’s Worldwide Cooperation for a Better Future” where he will call for better media ties to fight fake news.

The week-long 5th World Media Summit (WMS) is titled “Boosting Global Conference, Promoting Media Development.”

It was jointly launched in 2009 by a group of international media organisations including Xinhua News Agency, the Associated Press, and Reuters, among others.


WMS said the media practitioners will engage in in-depth discussions on issues of common interests, and concerns, such as the role of the media in promoting common interests and concerns including technological opportunities, new markets and forging alliances.

Wong said fake news and the wide spread of misinformation had become a serious problem worldwide.

“It’s not just fake political news used to defame and slander but now these include scammers who rob many of their savings and hard-earned money,” he said.

Wong said he hoped the meeting would enable him to learn from his media counterparts as well as share the Malaysian media experience.

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