State polls: PH incumbent wants to upgrade Taman Sentosa into township

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KLANG: The Sentosa state seat is probably one of the most complicated constituencies in Selangor given its voter demographics after its creation prior to the 2018 general election.


Currently, it is said to be the only Indian majority constituency in Selangor with some 43% of its electorate Indian, 38% Chinese, 17% Malay and 1% others.

What is challenging about its voter demographics is that the constituency’s 13 polling districts sprawl across residential areas that are either predominantly B40 or T20.

“The M40 residential areas fall in between both these areas,” said Pakatan Harapan’s Sentosa incumbent Gunaraj George, who is defending his seat.

According to Gunaraj, his constituency has many low-cost housing areas and flats where the residents’ demands always revolve around bread-and-butter issues as well as employment opportunities.

“Then we have the regular housing areas with a high population of M40 residents whose concerns mostly revolve around better service from the local councils as well as entrepreneurial and educational opportunities,’’ said Gunaraj.

Another large proportion of the Sentosa electorate from the T20 group live in gated and guarded communities in the Bandar Bukit Tinggi and Bandar Botanic areas.

“For those living in the gated and guarded communities, their top priority is good hygiene, amenities as well as landscaping.Their main request is for the local council to ensure their neighbourhood is kept clean at all times,” he added.


Gunaraj added that his last five years as the assemblyman had given him vast experience on how to cater to the needs of every segment of Malaysian society.

His present agenda, added Gunaraj, was to get Taman Sentosa converted into Bandar Sentosa.

He said there were more than 20 smaller housing estates in Taman Sentosa and therefore, it was only apt that the huge residential area be converted into a township.

“The upgrade to a township will give this very old housing area a new lease of life as well as bring it closer, in terms of development and local council management, with neighbouring Bandar Bukit Tinggi and Bandar Botanic,” he said.

Gunaraj added the upgrading will also turn the Taman Sentosa into a more conducive and sustainable living area for its residents.

He is facing off in a four cornered fight with Perikatan Nasional’s G. Parameswaran, Muda’s R. Thanusha and PRM’s W. Jeichandran.

– The Star

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