Study: Avoid these behaviors in the office if you don’t want to annoy your colleagues!

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Many people take advantage of their company’s remote working policy during the festive season to extend their stay while doing some work out of the office, avoiding the inconveniences that come with corporate life. One such inconvenience are the myriad (often irritating) quirks of your office colleagues. A recent British survey has listed and categorised them in the aim of helping us avoid committing such blunders in the future in order to be better coworkers.


The survey in question, spotted by the Guardian, was conducted by digital printing company Digital ID among 3,500 participants. It revealed that the most irritating behaviors in open workspaces are very diverse and even surprisingly specific.

A large number of respondents get annoyed when their colleagues talk to them in detail about their fitness routine. One particular complaint that came up was their colleagues explainng to them that they’ve embraced cold-water swimming.

The practice was made popular by Wim Hof, a Dutch cryotherapy enthusiast nicknamed “The Iceman.” Scientific studies, some of which were carried out on Wim Hof himself, suggest that exposure to intense cold can be beneficial to health, especially after exercise. However these studies don’t say that talking about this habit is likely to get on the nerves of those you work with.

Even more unbearabla, according to respondents is when their fellow employees film TikTok videos during office hours, or “vape” in an open workspace. According to the Digital ID survey, these are the two most annoying habits in the workplace.

Communication is the solution

But how can you tell your colleague who uses an e-cigarette between sending emails that their habit causes you suffering? Or that you’re uncomfortable with the idea of potentially appearing in the dance challenge that your rhythm-addicted colleague likes to film next to the coffee machine? Communication is key. Oftentimes, just taking your colleague aside and explaining that their little idiosyncrasies are hindering your concentration and well-being at work, can be enough to get them to curb their behavior.


Bear in mind that the people who do these things are not necessarily aware that their behavior may irritate others. That’s why it’s best to handle such issues calmly. Don’t underestimate the number of annoyances in the workplace that can be resolved by a simple conversation.

If, even after a little chat, your colleague is stubborn about continuing their annoying habit, it’s always possible to find back-up solutions. You can always use an important call or meeting as an excuse to leave the room when the company’s fitness aficionadao launches into a diatribe about the benefits of a cold water dip. Or when you see your young colleague taking out their smartphone to film a TikTok, take the opportunity to get out for a little break. It’s possible that this habit will seem less unbearable after you’ve taken a deep breath of fresh air.

In many jurisdictions vaping is illegal in indoor workplaces. If your attempts to negotiate an end to open-space smoking don’t work, talk to a superior who will probably have a solution. Good working conditions are key for workplace harmony.

– AFP Relaxnews

– TheStar

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