Touch ‘n Go unveils Visa card tied to ewallet, but it can’t be used to pay for tolls

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PETALING JAYA: Touch ‘n Go has confirmed that its newly unveiled Visa prepaid card can’t be used to pay for highway tolls or public transport.


According to an online report by Amanz, TnG was unable to integrate both the Touch ‘n Go and Visa Paywave NFC features due to interference issues discovered during the early development phase.

Some users on Twitter commented that they were looking forward to a card that unified both services.

In other words, it only functions as a Visa card, with the balance tied to the TnG ewallet.

The Visa card is claimed to be the first “numberless card” in Malaysia and is meant to act as a complementary payment channel to the ewallet.

This will allow users to make payments even if the merchant doesn’t have a DuitNow QR code.

Users can also opt for a flexible payment scheme through the app.

The card also allows users to withdraw cash at automated teller machines (ATMs) with the Visa Plus logo, and perform online and offline payments internationally.


A fee of RM1.40 will be charged for local ATM withdrawals and RM15.00 for overseas ATM withdrawals.

Users can apply for the Visa prepaid card through the company’s ewallet app by tapping on the Visa logo on the homepage.

They will be provided with a virtual card upon successful application, which the company said can be used immediately for online transactions.

Details for online payments can be found on the card dashboard in the ewallet app.

The one-time application fee is RM10. For every card applied, the company will channel RM2 to United Voice, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting self-advocacy for people with learning disabilities.

Its FAQ listed the card’s annual fee as RM8.

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