Viral video: Animal rights groups call for immediate action against rogue MBPJ officers

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KUALA LUMPUR: Animal rights groups have urged the government and relevant authorities to take immediate action towards the circulating video of an old man being roughed up by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) enforcement officers when protecting his dogs from being captured.


Speaking to New Straits Times, a spokesperson from Malaysia Animal Welfare Association said such an incident was nothing new when it came to the dog catchers council.

“The way they behave towards the public is rude and at times physical. The workers will harm the public physically but will defend themselves by saying that the members of the public are interrupting their job.

“Hence, internal, relevant authorities, as well as the police, should investigate the matter further,” said the animal rights group when contacted.

At the same time, Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) has also urged the public to lodge a police report over the incident.

In a statement on Facebook today, they also called on the public to support the group in taking action against the officers.

“Are you (the public) willing to support MIAR and Lawyers for Animal Rights for us to take action?

“MBPJ is cruelly catching dogs and exerting violence on an innocent man. We need your help to lodge a report at your nearest police station and an action needs to be taken as soon as possible,” it said.

Earlier today, several videos and pictures of an old man being roughed up by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) enforcement officers were making rounds on social media.


In one of the videos, the group of uniformed council officers can be seen beating the old man, who was trying to protect his dogs from being captured, with dog-catching iron rods.

In a public post, a Facebook user detailed an account of the incident along with videos and pictures.

The user claimed to have known the elderly man and his dogs for years and described them as harmless and well-cared for.

She further claimed that the team of officers forced the situation to escalate to violence and the old man was left with injuries to his jaw, cheek and a cut on his wrist.

The circulating video had received netizens’ outrage and wrath over the rough-hand tactics used by the council officers during a stray dog round-up operation.

Netizens have also expressed their disgust at the officers’ actions and called for justice for the man and his dogs.

The New Straits Times has reached out to MBPJ for comments on the issue.

A spokesperson requested for the videos and photographs to be shared with him without commenting further. – New Strait Times

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