Woman seeking friend’s help ends up being cheated

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JOHOR BARU: A woman who thought she could get her local loan shark friend to help her elder sister, who was facing harassment in Singapore, ended up being a victim of a scam instead.


The woman, in her 30s, contacted her loan shark friend for help several months ago after her sister, who lives in Singapore, was being harassed for borrowing money from loan sharks in the island republic.

It is learned that the woman’s friend, a Malaysian, claimed that he had connections in both Johor and Singapore and could help “settle the problem”.

Sources said the friend then asked the woman to meet directly with the Singaporean loan shark.


The woman started making payments up to almost RM150,000 to stop her sister from being harassed.

However, she suspected something amiss when she suddenly found out that her loan shark friend had suddenly “died”.

The woman decided to make a police report as she was also unable to contact the Singaporean loan shark.

Police have since classified the case under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating. -The Star

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