Zambry urges any Malaysians in or around Gaza to contact Wisma Putra

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KUALA LUMPUR: Aside from the five Malaysians who are currently in the process of being repatriated, Wisma Putra is calling for other Malaysians who may be in or around Gaza to contact the ministry as soon as possible.


Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said at press time, Wisma Putra has been able to contact the five Malaysians who were previously trapped in the West Bank and Gaza, adding that they are currently safe.

According to Zambry, Wisma Putra was informed of the condition of the five Malaysians through the Malaysian Embassies in Amman, Jordan and Cairo, Egypt. They consist of a doctor with her three children and another Malaysian who went there for a holiday with her husband.

They are Dr Nurul Ain Latiff and her three children who were previously trapped in the West Bank and have been taken out of the area, while Nurul Ain Haron and her Palestinian husband are still trapped in Gaza.

“We have contacted our embassy in Amman and we managed to talk to them and they are currently safe and we are making plans to take them out of Gaza.

“There are only five people who have registered with us. Wisma Putra appeals to all Malaysians to let us know if they are living there (in Gaza) and to register and let us know of their whereabouts.

“So far, we only have this information, that there are five Malaysians there,” he said during a press conference at the Parliament lobby here Thursday (Oct 12).

Earlier, Zambry had also addressed the Dewan Rakyat and notified the House of the current updates of the five Malaysians who are currently being rescued.

Zambry said Malaysia is also seeking help for the evacuation process through the Philippines government.

“In times of crisis like this, we will take help from whichever embassy that can extend help to us. Right now, we are getting (help) from the Philippines because they (their embassy) are nearest to the (affected) area.

“This is similar to the situation during the Sudan crisis where Malaysia extended help to other nationalities. This is in the spirit of working together.”

On the 23 Malaysians and Singaporeans who were previously stuck around the embattled region, Zambry gave his assurances that they had left the embattled zone.


“All 23 of them have safely crossed into Egypt on Oct 10,” he said.

As one of the countries that strongly supports the Palestinian cause, Zambry said Malaysia will continue to condemn the cruelty of the Zionist regime.

He said this is especially following worldwide reports saying that the regime is targeting ambulances, hospitals, schools and mosques, adding that the massive air campaign by the Israeli regime is leaving Palestinians helpless without food, water and electricity.

“The cruelty to the Israeli regime is too much,” he added.

As part of an effort to help the struggling Palestinians in Gaza, Zambry said RM1mil in donations has been collected and will be channeled to the Palestinians.

“We are handing over the RM1mil and other aid, which will continuously be given by Malaysians. We hope that this could alleviate the burden of the Palestinians who are currently living in pain.”

Palestinian ambassador to Malaysia, Walid Abu Ali, who was present during the media conference expressed his gratitude for the donation, as well as Malaysia’s contributions to the Palestinian struggles in the last few decades.

“Malaysia’s ongoing support for our Palestinian people has never been questioned. Malaysians have always shown their support and solidarity to our cause locally, regionally and internationally.

“On behalf of the Palestinian government and the Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank, Al-Quds and the Palestinian diaspora, we are grateful to Malaysia and we highly appreciate the support.

“We pray Malaysia stays safe, united and secured. We look forward to the day when we could all welcome you and host you in al-Aqsa,” he said.

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