Aishah’s pants tore in crotch area minutes before she’s set to perform on stage

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Singer Datuk Aishah was all set to take the stage during the second week of All Stars Gegar Vaganza on Sunday night (Oct1), when she realised that her shiny pants had torn.


And, unfortunately, it was in the crotch area.

The 58-year-old performer shared this mishap on Instagram on Monday, writing: “The outfit for this performance wasn’t all that comfortable; it was designed to look nice but not very durable.

“So, you can’t really be too rough while wearing it.

“Last night, the crew called me to get ready, and that’s when I noticed that my pants had ripped right at the crotch.”

Having been a singer since a teenager with the international group Aishah And The Fan Club, Aishah knew to have her team of stylist on standby for any emergencies.

She just had her stylist to quickly sew up the torn area.


“My outfit was made of lace, very delicate… Imagine having to sew up the crotch area while standing. Talk about invading one’s personal space.

“But you have to accept that incidents like these can happen and try not to panic. Alhamdulillah, the sewing was done quickly and I went straight backstage to get ready.”

That night she performed Irene Cara’s What A Feeling and danced enthusiastically to the beat.

Many of her Instagram followers praised her energetic performance and how she handled the incident.

“Datuk looked stunning last night. The performance was enjoyable… You completely forgot the world, Datuk,” was one comment.

– TheStar

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