Celcom increases data quota for Mega postpaid plan

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KUALA LUMPUR: Celcom is increasing the monthly quota for its Mega postpaid plan, along with its supplementary lines.


On its website, Celcom said the Mega postpaid plan would have its data quota increased from 30GB to 40GB a month, while the subscription fee would remain at RM80 per month.

The plan’s optional top up option called the Lightning Pass, which lets users purchase additional Internet data, has also been revamped.

Previously, the Lightning L Pass added 30GB for RM68 a month, and the XL pass 70GB for RM108 a month. Celcom has since increased the Internet data for the L Pass to 40GB and the XL Pass to 80GB a month for the same price.

This means that if users with the Mega postpaid plan upgraded with either the L or XL pass, they would cumulatively get an additional 20GB extra data quota per month.

However the Lightning M Pass data quota remains unchanged at an additional 10GB for RM18 a month.

Celcom said the unused data from the top up could be converted into cashback, through the Boost eWallet, at a rate of RM5 per 10GB.


According to the FAQ, if users exceed their quota, the Internet speed would be throttled down to 64kpbs.

Users on the supplementary Family Line, which previously got 15GB a month, would now get 30GB a month.

The principal line holders could add up to three supplementary lines at RM40 per line per month.

All packages came with unlimited calls to all networks.

-The Star

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