CES 2024: a preview of what car makers have in store for the tech show

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From January 9 to 12, 2024, numerous automakers will be on-site at CES in Las to unveil their latest in-car technologies. A must-attend event for many years now, the consumer electronics show will put the spotlight not only on new production models, but will also focus on how AI will alter our in-car experience in the not-so-distant future.


Every year, the automotive industry gathers in Las Vegas alongside the tech movers and shakers to unveil its latest cutting-edge technologies. The 2024 edition will be no exception, with a host of manufacturers on the program.

With gas-powered models being phased out and a scheduled sales ban in the not-too-distant future in some areas, electric cars are more than ever in the spotlight. Although sales are steadily rising, not everyone is fully on board. So to win over more consumers, practicality is key rather than innovation at any price. As for self driving cars, which fueled many dreams in the 2010s, we’ll have to wait a little longer, particularly for them to roll out to the mainstream. In the US, Ford and GM have decided to put the brakes on fully autonomous vehicles, which have proven to be a money pit, in favor of developing reliable, affordable electric ranges.

Against this backdrop, Honda is one of the most highly anticipated car makers at CES this year. The Japanese brand plans to present several new electric production models, while its small city car, the Honda e, which has reached the end of its cycle, has failed to find a stronghold among consumers. Other manufacturers are expected to take advantage of the event to unveil some of their major new products such as South Korea’s Kia and Vietnam’s VinFast.


But this doesn’t mean that manufacturers have relegated innovation to the back burner. Although CES 2024 will focus on practicality, concepts such as the Hyundai Mobion are also expected. This will incorporate the brand’s unique e-Corner wheel technology, enabling each wheel to turn independently by up to 90 degrees, for simplified maneuvering, an innovation first presented just one year ago at the same venue.

And of course AI will be getting a boost when it comes to driver-oriented tech – and not just via smartphones. Mercedes-Benz appears set to create a sensation with the MBUX Virtual Assistant, the latest version of its complete multimedia system, coupled with an intelligent personal assistant. The idea is to offer a user experience with an unprecedented level of personalisation, depending on the driver and passengers on board.
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