Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan enjoys ‘in-depth’ durian experience in Singapore

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Mexican-American celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan got to know more about durians during a recent visit to Singapore.


He was in town on June 27 for a meet-and-greet session organised by pet nutrition company Bom Bom and held on board the luxurious tall ship Royal Albatross.

In a video that local actor Collin Chee posted on Instagram on July 2, Millan, 54, was seen attending a durian-tasting session hosted by Chee, founder of Spikes of Love, a company that hosts durian appreciation events and sells durian gift bundles.

“Dog whisperer Cesar Millan whispered with durians and he loves it,” wrote Chee, 57, who starred in local movies I Not Stupid 3 (2024) and King Of Hawkers (2024). He added in the video that this was the second time in two years that he has met Millan.

Millan, better known as the Dog Whisperer due to his popular television series Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan (2004 to 2012), was seated at a table with different types of durians, such as Musang King, Dong Lai, Red Prawn and Black Pearl.

Chee, a finalist of local acting competition Star Search in 1993, was seen in the video giving an explanation about the durians, with Millan and other guests proceeding to taste the “king of fruits”. Former actress Cherie Lim was also present at the session.


“This one was a lot more in-depth,” Millan said of his experience at the end of the video. “I always have durian, I come to Singapore for durian, but I’ve never had the steps, all the history, all the knowledge… that each type of durian has its own energy, its own flavour, and I had a great night.”

Chee, who was with Millan in the video, commented that Millan likes the “wild” durian.

“Because my girls are the wild ones,” Millan quipped, referring to his dogs.

-The Straits Times/Asia News Network


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