Fake ‘Datukship’ taking the street

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It is regrettable that there are still so many individuals who are caught using a fake honorific Datuk title. This is a real insult to genuine recipients of the title and also to the awarding state.


It is an outright blatant disregard of the law. I would like to send out a strong message to this impostors. You really should be ashamed of yourselves for attempting to pull wool over the public eye.

You assume you will get away with your attempts, but an impostor will always give themselves away. One way or another.

Let me remind you that you cannot escape the long arms of the law. You are wasting the time and efforts of the authorities. They already have their plates full with other important matters such as the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

So please stop your irresponsible actions. Don’t cheat the unsuspecting and don’t fool yourself.

To the general public please do not be gullible and always double check dubious individuals if you are in doubt. Go to the already available website owned by “Bahagian Istiadat dan Urusetia Persidangan Antarabangsa” and run a search there.


State and federal titles and awards are reflection of the sovereignty of Malaysia and certain recipients of gallant titles have given their life for Malaysia.

Please respect this fact!-

Yeap Ming Liong,
Subang Jaya

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