Independent candidate well received in Padang Serai

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PADANG SERAI 8 Dec 2022 (The Capital Post)- Political debutant Sreanandha Rao feels it was a great start-up for him in the political arena as an independent candidate despite losing in the P.017 Padang Serai polls.


On his experience as an independent candidate,” It was a great experience & opportunity to contest as an independent candidate & great recognition was given by the people of Padang Serai for youngsters who come forward to participate in national politics.

“846 votes as an independent candidate is a great achievement for me against the giant political parties such as Perikatan Nasional (PN) & Pakatan Harapan (PH)”, he added.

He also added, “I am proud to contest in Padang Serai from day 1 until the end despite some parties withdrawing during the process because I chose this ground to sincerely serve the people of Padang Serai”.

When asked about how Undi 18 has affected the 15th General election, Sreanandha stated youngsters play a vital role & great power in choosing future leaders, and, politicians need to have a special focus on how to attract the young voters in upcoming elections.

He thanked all Padang Serai people for welcoming him with warm & kind gestures during his campaign period despite being a new face in the political arena & extended his thanks to all the media & other parties involved in the electoral process.


Sreanandha Rao during his campaign. (PIC-Sreanandha Rao)

“I would like to congratulate Datuk Azman Nasrudin for winning Padang Serai parliamentary seat and expect him to serve the people of Padang Serai without any bias, tackle the real local issues, and also encourage him to serve as a creative & innovative leader as well”, he added.

Datuk Azman Nasrudin (PN) won the seat with 51,637 votes while his closest opponent from PH, Dr. Mohamad Sofee Razak tailed in the second position by securing 35,377 votes.

Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Datuk C. Sivarraajh who withdrew from the race on December 2 to make way for Sofee, garnered 2,983 votes.- The Capital Post

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