Japanese Zen music master Kanho Yakushiji to hold a concert in KL on Oct 16

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Japanese Zen music master Kanho Yakushiji is set to bring his Blessing World Tour to Zepp Kuala Lumpur at 8pm on Oct 16.


Known for his creative blend of traditional Zen music with contemporary elements, Yakushiji has won fans world over with his unique and soothing musical repertoire.

By bringing Zen music beyond its home turf to live music venues, the 44-year-old has successfully introduced the music’s essence to inspire and resonate with modern-age listeners worldwide.

Kuala Lumpur marks the tour’s first stop where Yakushiji will be accompanied by his guitar and an ensemble of musicians on stage.

Promising to deliver a unique concert experience, the Japanese monk will be showcasing his talented musical artistry with original compositions featuring the style of electronic rock.

He will be sharing insights on life, happiness and aspirations through his music too.


Before debuting as a musician, Yakushiji started playing the guitar as a means to rebel against the monastery’s predetermined decision for him to succeed as an abbot.

However, he later found inspiration to continue his monastic duties through music after learning that the two share the same essence in giving people hope and peace of mind.

Yakushiji has since been posting on YouTube videos of himself singing while playing the guitar.

The musician has released six albums. Despite his increasing popularity, Yakushiji continues to lead a modest life and remains devoted to his faith, family and music.

Tickets to Yakushiji’s concert in Kuala Lumpur, priced from RM188 to RM388, are available via www.ticketcharge.com.my.

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