Klang Valley almost at full Covid-19 vaccination for adults

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KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 7 — Almost all adults in the Klang Valley region who were eligible to be vaccinated have completed both doses of their vaccination, according to the Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Access Guarantee Special Committee (JKJAV)


In an update on the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme today, the committee said 97.1 per cent of the adult population in the Klang Valley have been fully vaccinated, outperforming the national average of 68.8 per cent.

As a proportion of the total population, 71.1 per cent of Klang Valley residents were now fully vaccinated, approaching the 80 per cent target set for “herd immunity” against Covid-19.

Critically, Klang Valley’s vaccination rate was now above that of the Federal Territory of Labuan, which was at 96.4 per cent full vaccination for its adult population. Labuan was the first area of the country that moved to Phase Four of the National Recovery Plan.

The rapid vaccination of the Klang Valley was built off a concerted drive dubbed Ops Surge Capacity at the end of July, which had aimed to administer at least one vaccine dose to all adult residents by the start of August.

Sabah remained the least vaccinated state in the country, with just 45.2 per cent of its adult population fully vaccinated. However, the state also continues to suffer from the lowest registration rate in Malaysia, with only 53.6 per cent of its residents registered for vaccination.

Above Sabah were Kelantan and Kedah, which stood at 49.1 and 49.7 per cent full vaccination of their adult populations, respectively.


Overall, Malaysia administered 313,751 vaccine doses yesterday, with 181,111 going towards full vaccination.

The federal government has made vaccination the country’s bulwark against the Covid-19 pandemic, after repeated lockdowns began showing diminishing returns against the more contagious Delta variant.

However, recent statistics from the Health Ministry has shown that infection risks remain despite full vaccination, prompting health authorities to urge Malaysians to maintain the preventive measures against Covid-19.

Yesterday, the Health Ministry disclosed that 34.1 per cent of the 17,352 new cases reported involved those with full vaccination.

The fully vaccinated also accounted for 28.7 per cent of the 268 patients yesterday with the most severe categories of infection that require hospitalisation and intensive care.-Malay Mail