Local singers Nick and Stella Chung’s dad passes away after smoke from fireworks triggered asthma

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Thomas Chung Kiang Hwa, the father of Malaysian artistes Nick and Stella Chung, has passed away after being in a coma for eight days. He was 80.


The news was confirmed by the two siblings on Facebook on Feb 17.

Stella, 41, posted a photo with her father and said she hopes to be his daughter again in the next life.


Meanwhile, Nick uploaded a video and several pictures – including one of him grieving at his father’s coffin.

Nick, 43, wrote: “The thing which I feared most and had nightmares about since I was a child has finally come true. How I wish this is all just a bad dream!”

He also urged everyone to appreciate their parents more and make the most of every moment with loved ones before it’s too late.

According to Nick, his father was watching the fireworks display outside his home on Feb 9 when he accidentally inhaled a lot of smoke, triggering a severe asthma attack.

The singer added that his father’s heart stopped twice, but the doctor managed to get it beating again after performing CPR.

Thomas then fell into a coma and passed away eight days later. His funeral was held this morning (Feb 19).

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