Meta floats charging $14 a month for ad-free Instagram or Facebook

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(Reuters) -Meta Platforms is considering charging $14 per month for ad-free subscriptions to Instagram or Facebook for European users, according to a proposal submitted to regulators, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.


Meta has told regulators it hopes to roll out its subscription no ads (SNA) plan in the coming months for users in Europe, the report said, adding it will give users the choice between continuing to access Instagram and Facebook free with personalized ads, or paying for versions of the services without any ads.

Under the plan, Meta has told regulators it would charge users roughly 10 euros ($10.46) a month on a desktop for a Facebook or Instagram account, and roughly 6 euros for each additional linked account, the report said.


On mobile devices, the price would jump to roughly 13 euros a month because Meta would factor in commissions charged by Apple’s and Google’s app stores on in-app payments, WSJ reported.

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