MOE: ‘Haram’ for Muslim Civil Servants to participate in Ponggal celebration

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PUTRAJAYA, 13 Jan 2020 (The Capital Post) – As Malaysian Indians are preparing to celebrate Ponggal tomorrow , Ministry of Education has released a circular dated 13 January 2020 restricting Muslims from participating in it.



Thai Pongal is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Tamil people in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other countries with a Tamil diaspora. The first celebration in the Tamil calendar, Pongal – or Thai Pongal – is a harvest and thanksgiving festival celebrated by Tamils around the globe.

Pongal has no religious significance and that it is a common Tamil festival for all Tamils and it is celebrated by people of various beliefs as well as Tamil Muslims.

“Ponggal can be a bridge to foster unity. This would be the best time for Malaysians to understand each other’s values and differences”, said a Netizen in a facebook comment responding to Ministry of Education directive in this matter. – The Capital Post