New tech means updated laws to protect kids, EU Commission says

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STRASBOURG: The European Commission wants to update legislation to protect children from sexual abuse with the rise of new technologies in an overhaul proposed on Feb 6.

“Fast evolving technologies are creating new possibilities for child sexual abuse online, and raises challenges for law enforcement,” EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said in a statement.

The proposed update aims to address new challenges since the adoption of the current rules in 2011 and expands the definition of criminal offences related to child sexual abuse.

This includes content generated with artificial intelligence, livestreaming abuse online and the possession and distribution of paedophilia manuals.

Additionally, the update sets a longer time period during which victims can report sexual abuse as well as a right to financial compensation.

The European Parliament and the 27 EU member states are now set to scrutinise the proposed updates to legislation.




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