On-Call Allowance for MOs follows formula for public service, says Health Ministry

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PETALING JAYA: Payments and other allowances to medical officers are based on the structure and principles of employment in the public service, says the Health Ministry.


They are in accordance with the set rates for the job and parity, in keeping with present financial capacity, it added.

In a statement issued to clarify the granting of On-Call Allowance for medical officers, it said the ministry spent between 70% and 75% of the allocation in its management budget for emoluments, such as salaries and allowances for permanent and contract appointments.

“For last year, the amount of payments was RM21.61bil.

“Of that amount, emoluments for officers with permanent appointment was RM18.81bil and for officers on contract, RM2.8bil,” it said on Monday (June 26).

“In addition, the ministry also pays other allowances based on claims such as the on-call allowance amounting to RM165mil yearly.

“The principle of salaries and fixed allowances to civil servants including Medical Officers is monthly and not according to the hours worked.


“Apart from salary, medical officers also receive various other allowances such as Critical Service Incentive, Specialist Incentive, After Hours Duty Allowance at Health and Emergency Departments, (Locum Allowance) as well as Elective Surgery Allowance and On-Call Allowance,” it added.

It also said On-Call Allowance is for additional responsibilities carried out in treating patients while on call at hospitals after normal working hours.

“It is also paid to the officer who is ordered to work on call at health clinics that provide treatment after working hours.

“A total of 791 health clinics were identified as providing after-hours patient care services.

“Since it was introduced in 1994, the allowance rate was increased three times – in 2001, 2005 and 2012,” it said.

– The Star

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