Rakyat’s welfare should always be a priority, say Kota Melaka folk of their ideal MP

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MELAKA: Ensuring the environment is clean and looking after the people’s welfare should be prioritised by candidates in the Kota Melaka federal seat, say Kota Laksamana locals on the qualities their MP should possess.


Trader David Tan, 65, said it was important for the candidate to have the people’s interests at heart, regardless of which party they came from.

“Although what we have (in Kota Melaka) is considered sufficient, cleanliness can still be considered an issue (with irresponsible dumping).

“Apart from that, the candidate should also have the best interests of not only locals but Malaysians as a whole in mind, when they are voted in,” he said when met at the Kota Laksamana morning market here on Monday (Nov 7).

Sundry shop trader Chong Swee Ching, 63, said development could also be improved in the area.

“Having strategic development for the people can improve our lives and future.

“The candidates should also make it a point to truly care about constituents, and at the same time, they must be efficient in helping tackle national issues,” he said, in reference to the constantly fluctuating price of goods.


Butcher Mohd Fikri, 52, said candidates should be present on the ground throughout their term instead of only during campaign periods.

“That is what a ‘wakil rakyat’ stands for. Serve the people and be with the people to know what they’re going through,” he said.

Barisan Nasional’s candidate for the Kota Melaka seat Kon Qi Yao said that while the constituency was traditionally Opposition held, he hoped the people would give him their support.

“We had sessions at various areas throughout the campaign (so far), and the public’s response has also been very warm,” said MCA’s Kon after visiting the Kota Laksamana market and Tengkera food court earlier on Monday.

With at least 164,000 constituents in the seat, Kon acknowledged it would be quite a challenge to physically meet all voters during the campaign period.

“This is especially (difficult) for outstation voters, hence social media plays a big part to ensure our message reaches them,” he said.-The Star

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