Tropicana Pioneers Dragonfly Environmental Project in Malaysia

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Petaling Jaya, 25 Sep 2023 (The Capital Post) – In a groundbreaking initiative, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, a flagship development by Tropicana Corporation Berhad, celebrates the success of its Dragonfly Pond project, which was established in September 2021. The endeavor, in collaboration with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (“UKM”) researcher Assoc Prof Dr Choong Chee Yen, has witnessed the thriving of 14 dragonfly and damselfly species within the resort premises. This initiative aligns with Tropicana’s unwavering commitment to environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) principles, evident in the meticulous planning, design, and operation of their developments.


Dion Tan, Group Managing Director of Tropicana, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainable community building. He stated, “The Dragonfly Pond project is a testament to this drive, embodying our ESG DNA of People, Planet, and Partnership as we accelerate our sustainability journey in line with the evolving social and regulatory environment.”

Addressing the persistent challenge of pest populations in landscaped areas, the Dragonfly Pond introduced 88 Tramea transmarina (Saddlebag Glider) dragonfly larvae into Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. These dragonflies, upon reaching maturity, serve as a natural pest control mechanism, boasting an impressive hunting efficiency rate of up to 95%.

Unlike conventional controls involving the introduction of chemical or bacterial agents, the use of natural controls like dragonflies, birds, bats, and minnows enriches the biodiversity of the site without disrupting its existing ecosystem. This approach aligns perfectly with ESG principles and stands in contrast to methods like pest fogging and bacterial treatments.

Dr Choong, the lead researcher, reported significant progress since the introduction of Saddlebag Glider larvae in 2021. Observations indicate successful breeding, resulting in the presence of 13 additional dragonfly and damselfly species at the pond. These include Blue Dashers, Common Flangetails, Crimson Dropwings, Variegated Green Skimmers, White-barred Duskhawks, Sultans, Yellow-barred Flutterers, Scarlet Skimmers, Blue Adjutants, Chinese Greenwings, Common Bluetails, Blue Sprites, and Variable Wisps. This diverse population affirms the creation of a thriving ecosystem, enhancing the project’s natural control mechanism.


The success of the Dragonfly Pond is further complemented by the deliberate planting of over 16 aquatic and non-aquatic flora species, creating an environment conducive to both site fauna and visitors. This includes sedges and reeds such as Lepironia articulata and papyrus, providing essential perches for the dragonflies, alongside frangipani, variegated jasmine, and more.

Tropicana Golf & Country Resort’s Dragonfly Pond initiative aligns seamlessly with the Group’s ongoing ESG efforts, which encompass a solar panel system at the resort, windmill-powered biofiltration at Tropicana Metropark’s 4.4-acre lake in Subang Jaya, and native khaya, rain, and flametree conservation in Tropicana Heights. – The Capital Post

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