Warner Bros axes nearly done ‘Batgirl’ film

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Warner Bros Discovery Inc halted work on its new Batgirl superhero movie despite having already filmed the picture, according to multiple reports from industry publications.


The movie, based on DC Comics characters, was in the final stages of editing. It won’t be released in theatres or on the company’s HBO Max streaming service, Variety and Deadline reported Tuesday. Variety said the film cost US$90mil (RM401mil) to make. Warner Bros didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Batgirl was filmed with a cast that included Leslie Grace, as the title character. Michael Keaton starred as Bruce Wayne and J.K. Simmons portrayed Commissioner Gordon, according to imdb.com.


The movie’s casting had drawn plaudits for its diversity, with a person of colour in the lead role – still a rarity in a superhero movie. Grace is of Dominican heritage. It also was set to feature a transgender character, played by Ivory Aquino.

The cancellation is part of a wider pullback by Warner Bros. The company, which combined with Discovery Inc in April, has been looking to wring US$3bil (RM13.4bil) in costs out of its merger. In recent months Warner Bros has halted work on the J.J. Abrams-led series Demimonde, and cancelled shows such as Gordita Chronicles and Close Enough.-BLOOMBERG

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