What’s in store from WiFi 7?

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In lab testing, Intel and Broadcom have announced that they have achieved WiFi 7 connection speeds in excess of five gigabits per second. This heralds the dawn of a new protocol that’s expected to officially launch by the end of 2023 and which promises to facilitate new uses.


While many have not yet had the chance to take advantage of WiFi 6, the next generation of the wireless communication protocol is already on the way. In theory, WiFi 7 promises speeds of up to 46 Gbps, nearly five times faster than WiFi 6. Although speeds will be much lower in practice, they should be able to meet the growing needs of internet users.

With WiFi 7, the quality and reliability of video calls, online gaming or streaming – in 4K or 8K – will be optimized. The same goes for everything that concerns the metaverse and virtual or augmented reality applications.


By offering more power and doubling the available channels, WiFi 7 will be more suitable than ever for public connections – on public transport, for example – and ensure a good connection without becoming overloaded. The same goes for the home, where a maximum number of connected devices will be able to use different channels and thus function optimally.

However, users will have to be patient when it comes to enjoying the benefits of this new WiFi standard, as the first compatible products are not expected to land before 2024. – AFP Relaxnews

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