Women In Heels Paving The Way For More Successors

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KUALA LUMPUR, 4 Sept (TheCapitalPost) – In their maiden attempt of targeting and assisting Indian women entrepreneurs in Malaysia, the Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (MAICCI) are gearing up for their Women in Business programme.


This event which is the second track of their flagship Rakan Mikro programme, as the name suggests, is a women only programme which will be held on 12 September 2020, at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC).

MAICCI Programme Coordinator V. Malini said that they are expecting a crowd of 250 participants to attend their event.

“We have handpicked the best women spokespersons from all relevant industries such as Training and Consultancy, Agriculture, Retail, Food and Beverages, among others.”

“We want to give the participants a sense of awe and pride, that there are many women just like them who are juggling their families and work, and still excel at both arenas,” said Malini in an interview held over the MAICCI Zoom Chat Session last night.

She added that this event is expected to open multiple doors to women entrepreneurs in terms of financial aid, knowledge in the relevant industries, and also towards having a strong network of like-minded and supportive women.


“Gone were the days where women would meet up just to talk merely about their family life, and their struggles in making it work in their working life.

“There are many now talking more about investment opportunities, new business ventures and even helping each other in solving their business-related problems.

“Let’s create more avenues for that, here in this event,” said Malini who added that their MAICCI App also serves as a networking platform for those who have attended their events.

All participants would create their own profiles in the app and are able to view and connect with other participants to network and help each other in their businesses.

The MAICCI App which is also used as the main avenue to register, and has all the Rakan Mikro programme details, is available both on Google Play and App Store. – The Capital Post

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