MAICCI: No entrepreneur will be left out in enhancing their micro-businesses 

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KUALA LUMPUR, 6 August 2020 (The Capital Post) : In an effort to reawaken the nation’s economy, the Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) will be introducing Malaysia’s first ever integrated programme to assist micro-businesses post the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rakan Mikro.


Rakan Mikro, which is also MAICCI’s flagship programme for this year, will be a multi-pronged effort targeted towards Malaysian Indians who have yet to start their entrepreneurial journey, and also those who are still budding in their micro-businesses.

The participants, expected to reach 2,400 pax by November this year, will be assisted throughout Rakan Mikro which would be a series of events that will guide them in the aspects of funds application, training, and more.

MAICCI Secretary General Datuk Dr. AT Kumararajah said the series of programmes which includes workshops, panel sessions, and more will be held throughout Malaysia over the course of the upcoming four months.

“We will organise about 40 programmes from Perlis to Labuan to ensure that it reaches the right people, at all possible locations in the country.”


“We are going all out to amplify the government’s efforts in upholding and enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit among Malaysian Indians,” he said adding that this wholesome programme would be launched on 15 August.

Rakan Mikro has the National Entrepreneur Group Economic Fund (TEKUN Nasional) as their strategic partner, the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA) as their sponsoring partner, and is also collaborating with multiple other relevant organisations.

Tactfully engineered to also uncover and solve the entrepreneurial-related issues faced by Malaysian-Indians, Rakan Mikro is also a platform for the target group to network and enrich each other in the process.- The Capital Post