Many Malaysians express fear over driving past construction sites, urge better enforcement

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PETALING JAYA: After the recent construction worksite-related accident that almost killed a woman, Malaysians have expressed safety concerns when driving past such sites.


On The Star’s Facebook page, many also expressed anger over the incident, which had gone viral on social media.

Shanmugaraja Ramasamy said the site in question looked as if it was poorly designed and did not take into consideration the safety of motorists using the road.

“Doubt whether a proper risk assessment was done,” he said in a comment.

Last Saturday (Sept 19), a parapet wall slab from an ongoing highway construction project fell and hit a car along the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) in Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kuala Lumpur.

The woman escaped with an injured left hand but her car was crushed.

Another social media user, Steven Tan, said all overhead construction should be suspended until a safety standard operating procedure (SOP) was established to avoid accidents like this happening again.


Meanwhile, Anne Marie Cheong said the company should be sued for this as this sort of thing happened too often, a view echoed by many other readers.

“Shows that they are neglecting safety procedures. Can you imagine a mother with kids in the car? It can happen to anyone and safety should never be compromised at any construction sites!” she said.

Many also expressed nervousness when driving around the construction site, saying they feared for their life.

“I always feel unsafe when passing by this place,” said Helen Lim.

Aimara Sakura said that as a road user, she took a longer route just to avoid roads with ongoing construction in order to minimise the risk.

In another post, Cindy Ag Chung said: “I really have the fear of falling objects while driving through. Always concerned who will be the unlucky one. So, I try to avoid this road as much as possible.”. -The Star

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